Moving into Year Eleven

The Wanda Alston Foundation has a few goals to achieve as we move into our eleventh year of service. The first 10 years were about learning and doing as we learned. We can proudly say we have achieved much, but we have a long way to go. 

With the help of our supporters and donors, we have managed to turn Wanda Alston House into a home for over 40 LGBTQ youth from the greater D.C. area. Some of our former residents are now supporters and donors, but most importantly, they leading quality lives. But we – the board and staff – are constantly asking ourselves, what more can we do, thus our goals. 


Wanda Alston House is a long-term transitional home, but we see the need to also provide more to current residents as well as future residents. We always have the need for more space, so we hope to purchase a larger facility. We also desire to open a drop-in center, where non-residents have programming and services available to them, including a place to eat, bathe, study, and wash their clothes.

More Beds…

We can always use more unused, new bedroom furniture for Wanda Alston House. However, a goal and desire of ours is to decorate every available room with new bedroom furniture, mattresses, and accessories each resident can take with them as they enter independence as young adults. We want them to live well in WAH but we also want them to have something for their new beginning and fresh start. 

Storage is an issue for our residents, so beds on platforms with drawers would be helpful. A dresser would be even more useful with a nightstand. And they need a desk or table to use for studying as well as eating when they leave. 

Local and National Partnerships

We have the greatest local partners and allies. However, to sustain our good works and grow, we recognize the need for more local partners as well as national partnerships.

Subscribing Donors

Our most sustainable private donations are subscribers. Our goal in the future is to increase the number of subscribing donors.

Can you help us? Do you want to learn more? If so, go to our contact page and send us a message either via the form or by calling or by e-mail. If you want to do something more immediate, then click the button below and donate using PayPal, and they will absorb all fees. 





We cannot thank you enough for your support but we will. Thank you. 

December 10, 2018