Intimate Partner Violence Shelter Information

What is LGBTQ Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate Partner Violence exists in relationships and experiences where power and control are used for harm. This type of harm can be done by people you are connected to in any area of your life: romantic/sexual partners, friends, colleagues, roommates, service providers. These experiences of harm and abuse show up in many ways in our community; below are some examples:

● Identity: misgendering, using gendered stereotypes to coerce you into specific behaviors, jealousy focused on sexual orientation or any way that your sexual orientation and gender identities were denied, forced, or violated
● Isolation: threatening to out you, disclose your HIV status, or deny access to children.
● Emotional and Psychological: gaslighting, shaming, lying, and controlling your choices or behaviors.
● Religious: spirituality is used to shame or control you.
● Financial: demanding you support them or justifying harm because you are dependent on them.
● Sexual: coerced sex such as guilt-tripping as a motivation, demanding sex work, calling body parts by names that do not align with your gender identity, requiring sex acts that do not affirm you, demanding unprotected sex, ignoring safe words, sexual violence.
● Physical: includes slapping, pinching, choking, kicking, shoving. It doesn’t matter how rare, if physical marks were apparent, or if you defended yourself.
● Legal: using the legal system, such as reporting sex work or calling ICE
● Threats: that left you worried for yourself, your children, friends, family, or pets.
● Stalking: following including online, repeated unwanted contact, unwanted gifts

We believe you and your experiences are real and valid. We are here to support you.

For help, please contact us at or call.
Our office is open 9-5 Monday through Friday.