Thank you


Thank you for joining us at our first Wanda Alston Foundation Virtual Fundraiser!

Missed the event? Check out the livestream below.


It truly was a privilege to be joined by so many supporters and donors who are dedicated to our efforts to eradicate LGBTQ youth homelessness and to provide invaluable services and support to our most vulnerable youth.   We especially want to thank our c0-hosts, Riley Knoxx and Ricardo Cooper, for their amazing generosity, and we want to thank The Community Housing Trust for their generous grant as well.

We could not do this impactful work without your commitment.  Your resources help us to fill the funding gap for our programs. It helps us to strengthen our advocacy and to fight for the rights and dignity of our youth.  It helps us increase the reach of our services.

Throughout the night, you heard stories about the staggering number of LGBTQ homeless youth in DC sleeping on the streets, couch surfing or trading sex for a place to sleep. You also heard how vulnerable LGBTQ youth are when they are homeless, especially during a global pandemic.  They experience higher rates of sexual assault, higher rates of incidence of mental health problems and higher rates of attempted suicide.  In addition, you heard that our funding is limited and threatened.

We hope that you enjoyed the evening and that you will continue to help us provide shelter, critical programming and support services to our homeless LGBTQ youth.

There are three ways that you can continue to help:

  1. Make a one-time contribution: Donate Here
  2. Setup monthly payment plan:
    Donation Options

  3. You can provide specific resources that will allow our youth to live comfortably.

Thank you so much for all that you have already done and all that you will do to provide love and support to our LGBTQ youth.

In service,